Commercial Air Conditioning Calgary

From retail to office space, A/C can be essential to operations. Optimal temperatures have proven to be conducive to staff productivity and consumer spending. On the flip side, the opposite effect occurs when occupants are uncomfortable, with poor A/C resulting in a direct and/or indirect loss of commercial revenue.

“Air conditioning boosted the productivity of employees by at least 25 percent, as well as led to less employee absenteeism when compared to employees that didn’t work in air conditioned environments” (Steven Heaton, MD)

“Environmental conditions, such as temperature and air quality, affect people’s physiological state (such as comfort) and hence influence whether people stay in or enjoy a particular environment. (Mary J. Bitner, Journal of Marketing 1992)

Business owners should never look at A/C as a luxury, but as an essential cost of doing business that can actually deliver an ROI. Air Force provides the following A/C services to Calgary area businesses:

Commercial A/C Installation

Whether installing central air conditioning in a store or office, or portable window unit in a mom & pop shop, Air Force will install your system to ensure safe ongoing operation and optimal energy efficiency.

Commercial A/C Repair

Damage to your A/C unit can directly impact productivity and revenue. Thankfully, Air Force’s professional HVAC service team delivers quick response, fast repairs, accurate results, and amazing follow-up service along with tips on how to get the most out of your repaired commercial A/C system. Our team responds to emergency repair calls 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

Commercial A/C Maintenance 

Commercial spaces are more susceptible to polluted air. Contaminants can enter the system through staff and customers/clients in addition to day to day operation of products, equipment, and machinery used in a commercial setting. More frequent inspection is required (when compared to residential) to keep your A/C system operating safely and efficiently. By scheduling regular maintenance with Air Force, you secure a partner that will help protect your business operations for years to come.

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