Residential Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

While air conditioning provides sanctuary from uncomfortable Calgary AB temperatures, it serves the interior of a property in many other ways. Air Force installed A/C can dramatically improve air quality, breathability, humidity levels, and create a better living, leisure, and working environment for all within.

Residential Air Conditioning Services

The local government reports that climate change in Alberta in happening now, with increasing temperatures across the province. The summer season is getting hotter with each passing year, yet Statistics Canada reports that at just *27%, Alberta falls far behind most of the country with one of the lowest proportions of households with air conditioning systems.

Why suffer poor cooling and air quality in the place you spend most of your time? Air Force provides the following A/C services to Calgary area homes:

A/C Installation

Whether installing a central air conditioning system or portable window unit, Air Force will install your system to ensure safe ongoing operation and optimal energy efficiency.

A/C Repair

Air Force’s professional HVAC service team delivers quick response, fast repairs, accurate results, and amazing follow-up service along with tips on how to get the most out of your repaired home A/C system. Our team responds to emergency repair calls 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

A/C Maintenance

Air Force will perform regular inspections so that not only will your A/C system be prepared for impending temperature and air quality fluctuations, potential issues will be caught and attended to before significant damage and expense is incurred.

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*Source:  Statistics Canada, Environment Accounts and Statistics Division, Households and the Environment Survey, 2009