We can get your furnace running in tip top shape.

  • We Service & Repair all makes and models.
  • All minor and major parts stocked on trucks.
  • A cleaned and tuned furnace operates more efficiently and lasts longer.
  • A tune-up can reveal potential issues and offer you time to decide a course of action.
  • All major and minor components cleaned and tested for safety and functionality.

Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Air Force professionals will provide you with all of the furnace repair and maintenance services that you need, and when the time comes to have the unit replaced, we’ll manage the entire project for you in the most cost-effective manner possible.

3 Signs of Pending Breakdown

If you note any of the following, your unit is in need of immediate repair:

  • Rattling and Rocking Noises – not only is the noise pollution a pain, the unit may be releasing toxins into your home.
  • Scraping Noises – indicative of issues with ball bearings and/or the blower belt.
  • Flickering / Yellow Pilot Light On – while it may be indicative of a loose burner light screw, do you want to take the chance that excess carbon monoxide (on a gas burning furnace) is entering your home?

Even if the above warning signs are not evident (yet), it is important to note that furnaces require a lot of attention so that they remain reliable and efficient through cool climatic conditions. You need maintenance performed on your furnace once a year. An annual visit from Air Force can reduce your ongoing utility expenditure and extend the life (contingent upon current age of unit) of your furnace for up to 20 years.

The numbers are staggering!

Without Regular Servicing we see a 24% FAILURE to heat rate in the first 5 years & 1/2% with Regular Servicing.

3 Common “MINOR” Furnace Failures

  • Dirty flame sensor
  • Plugged drain system
  • Broken Ignitor

3 Common “MAJOR” Furnace Failures

  • Failed blower motor
  • Failed Inducer motor
  • Failed circuit board

Preventative maintenance is an important part of home ownership.

Benefits include

  • Prolonged equipment longevity
  • Lower utility bills due to maximized efficiency
  • Keeps your home and family safe
  • Minimizes costly and frustrating breakdowns
  • Ability to foresee and budget for repairs/replacement
  • Some manufacturers warranties require it

Why you don’t want to deal with a broken furnace!

Breakdown’s happen at the worst time! It’s never enjoyable waking or coming home to a freezing home. The added stress and cost around the holidays can be overwhelming for most Calgarians.

It’s proven that proactively replacing parts on your equipment is far more affordable than under an emergency situation. Emergency situations normally happen after regular hours (evenings, weekends or holidays) when labour is at a premium. OR your missing work to be home to meet the tech for the repair. In either case, it’s costing you more to deal with an emergency.

Our Guarantees to You

Everything we do is backed by our Complete Satisfaction Gaurantees to protect you, your home and your loved ones:

  • Sizing Guarantee - if the equipment we recommend and install doesn't heat or cool your home properly we will upgrade to larger size at no cost to you. Or we can remove completely and refund the full amount paid.

  • Pricing Guarantee - The price quoted on your agreed proposal will be the price you pay. If the estimator misses an item that would increase the cost of installation, it will be covered at a loss to us. Your price will not change once the work commences. **only exception - if offset in chimney which is an unknown variable in some cases.

  • Home Protection Guarantee - During the installation process, if any damage (minor or major) occurs to your property due to our negligence, we will repair or pay someone to repair at no cost to you.

  • Workmanship Guarantee - All our installations are performed by Alberta licenced journeyman. We guarantee 100% satisfaction in regards to quality of our work.

  • Install Date Guarantee - We will perform your installation on the agreed date. If we cannot honor that date, you will be compensated $500 via cheque.

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