Communicating technology in a fully modulating furnace for the ultimate comfort and greater efficiency. The advanced ComfortLink™ II allows the XC95m to constantly calibrate itself for optimal performance year after year.

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Efficient performance
The XC95m is rated with up to 97.3% efficiency (AFUE) and select furnace models are Energy Star qualified.

ComfortLink™ II Communicating Capability
ComfortLink™ II communicating technology connects all of your key components so your system automatically charges, configures and calibrates for optimal performance through the lifetime of your products.

Comfortable, even heating
Variable-speed blower motor adjusts speed to provide a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air with quiet operation.

Cleaner, healthier indoor air
Add Trane CleanEffects™ to your system for advanced air filtration that removes more dust, pollen and other irritants from conditioned air for a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable home.



Model Nominal Tons Afue Height (In.) Width (In.) Depth (In.) Energy Star 4.0
TUHMB060ACV3VB 3 97.30 40 17.5 28 Yes
TUHMB080ACV3VB 3 96.70 40 17.5 28 Yes
TUHMC100ACV4VB 4 96.00 40 21 28
TUHMD120ACV5VB 5 97.00 40 24.5 28 Yes


Model Nominal Tons Afue Height (In.) Width (In.) Depth (In.) Energy Star 4.0
TDHMB060BCV3VB 3 95.00 40 17.5 28 Yes
TDHMB080ACV3VB 3 96.00 40 17.5 28 Yes
TDHMC100ACV4VB 4 95.00 40 21 28
TDHMD120BCV5VB 5 96.00 40 24.5 28 Yes

Every Trane furnace is packed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your unit will provide total comfort your family can rely on. The  includes:

  • ComfortLink™ II communicating capability
  • Communicating user interface
  • Variable-speed blower motor
  • Fully modulating gas heat furnace provides greater fuel efficiency and ultimate comfort control
  • Heavy gauge, two-tone powder-painted cabinet
  • Increased dehumidification with Comfort-R™
  • Durable silicon nitride hot surface igniter
  • Multi-port, in-shot burners
  • One-piece aluminized steel primary heat exchanger
  • 24-volt fuse to protect controls
  • Insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • Compatible with ERV, humidifier and air cleaner