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Why Dad Needs the Gift of HVAC for Father’s Day

Why Dad Needs The Gift Of HVAC For Father’s Day?

Last month we released an article on why your mom will appreciate a new air conditioning system for Mother’s Day, so it’s only fair that we follow up with a little something for the dads out there. Of course, dads are rarely as content as moms, who appreciate the smallest of gestures, which is why we’re going bigger for Father’s Day – with a full-on HVAC system.

3 Reasons Why Your Household Should Get Dad A New HVAC Installation For Father’s Day

He’s Tired of Fixing “Those” Things Around the House

He’s over it. Those tools you got him as a Father’s Day present 5 years ago have been tasked to the gills. Sure, pops is happy to bring out the ol’ tool box to fix the kids’ bikes and muddle around under the hood of the car but there is simply no glory in fixing hissing furnaces, dripping hot water heaters, and air conditioning systems that haven’t kept things cool since 2002. With a new HVAC system your dad can do without the DIY repairs to the antiquated installations and focus on the stuff that counts.

It’s Like Putting Money In His Pocket, Every Month

Even if the money to buy this important gift comes from the joint family checking account it still pays dad dividends in the form of reduced monthly utility bills through all four seasons.

In our recent article about how to save money on utilities through better HVAC installations, we detailed how you (and thus Dad too) can save anywhere from 20-40% of household cooling energy costs by replacing an air conditioner that is just 5-10 years old. The same article also stated significant cost savings with a better hot water heating system, given that the installation accounts for 12-25% of monthly energy expenditure. What kind of savings are you looking at with a better furnace? A two-stage furnace (which is best suited for Calgary’s climate) with a variable blower uses 30% less gas and 66% less electricity than the single-stage furnaces found in many Calgary area homes.

Then there are the additional tax credits and other federal/provincial/municipal benefits that your household may qualify for by becoming more energy efficient thanks to a new HCAV system.

Isn’t it time Dad gets an allowance too? This is how to make that happen.

Makes Dad Less Stressed At Home

Most people think that stress hits the hardest work. However, a well-known study in the Journal of Science and Medicine found clear indicators that men (well, and women too) are significantly less stressed out at work than they are at home. There are speculations as to why this is the case, but the environment they come home to after a long day at work can certainly be a precursor to greater feelings of stress. Now if you’ve been reading our blog, then you know that we’ve been quick to share a lot of research data on how HVAC systems have a significant impact on the human psyche. A poor interior environment that is characterized by poor air quality and uncomfortable temperatures (for the season) contributes to negative emotions. Since the summer is fast approaching, let’s look at the data surrounding air conditioning. Studies show that when operating at optimal levels it can both directly and indirectly improve the mood of household occupants. This helps Dad on two accounts. For one, occupants (read: the kids) are going to be less cranky in a cool and comfortable house in the summer when they are getting restless with too much time on their hands. That will help mitigate the ever-present risk of brawling siblings and bawling tots. Then, after Dad has been dealing with the long and hot commute (we don’t offer automobile AC, sorry) along the Deerfoot Trail freeway his mood will get a lot better once he steps into the same pleasant environment. It’s a win-win!

Dad works hard, so why not help build him an oasis to come home to after a long day, week, or month in the field or at the office and on the proverbial grind? By acting now, you may still qualify for our early bird season A/C w/furnace combinations that can save you up to $1500! Contact us today to learn more.