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Why Give the Gift of a New Furnace This Holiday Season?

Buying a New Furnace as a Gift for a Calgary 1

Why Give The Gift Of A New Furnace This Holiday Season?

You’re going to need a bigger box (but you get the idea)

Stuck for a Holiday idea for that special someone in your life? Want to make the largest possible impact on not just Christmas Day, but beyond? Aside from parking a red bow-adorned Lexus SUV in the driveway, a new furnace installation takes the cake as a top gift for homeowners in our neck of the Albertan woods. Think we’re overstating the significance? Not at all, and here’s why.

3 Reasons Why A New Furnace Installation Is The Perfect Gift For Many Homeowners

They’re Way Overdue

The average life expectancy of a modern household furnace is between 15 and 20 years. That timeline assumes a quality furnace, with quality installation, and regular maintenance as needed. The issue is that this equation is very rarely complete, with one or more neglected to some level. Plus, more often than not the existing warranty on parts comes with so much disheartening fine print that there is little recourse when parts replacement is needed.

Long story short, your favorite homeowner is very likely sitting on a furnace that is overdue for significant repair, and if that cost of repair begins to deliver notable diminishing returns then the time for replacement has arrived. Start poking around for signs that this is the case, looking for or inquiring about the following:

  • Persistent rocking and rattling sounds
  • Flickering or faint pilot light
  • Scraping sounds
  • Larger than normal heating/utility bills

View more on how to identify when it might be time to replace a furnace. When the signs above collectively align, you do your loved one a big service by stepping in by placing this gift under the tree, so to speak (note to self: never place a hot furnace near a live Christmas tree).

This Gift Gives Back To Their Bank Account

We touched on this point above when addressing the concern around large monthly heating/utility bills but it bears some further explanation. When a homeowner is able to heat their property with gas via a top-quality furnace (such as TRANE) they not only enjoy the comforts, but a lower long-term cost of ownership, which is…everything. There’s nothing as thoughtless as buying someone a gift that’s going to cost them their own arm and leg over time.

Unlike an electric heating system, a superior gas furnace is less expensive to operate due to the fact that natural gas is cheaper than electricity. Over the past few years, electricity has continued to increase in cost, while natural gas prices for the consumer have decreased, which makes gas units much more appealing to homeowners, even if producers grumble in their penthouse corner offices. Your investment will pay them dividends for many years to come, making it one of the best gifts they could ever receive.

They Live In Calgary

State the obvious much? Sure, we do, but honestly homeowners of the greater Calgary area understand the importance of winter preparedness more than many throughout the country. The average lows for Calgary (and the surrounding area) for DecemberJanuary, and February are -13°C-13°C-12°C respectively. That means a better furnace will be much more appreciated than that trip to Cancun you were going to buy them. After all, they have to return home after a week or two. Instead, you give them a proverbial all-inclusive tropical oasis (sans the humidity) in their own house all winter season long when delivering the gift of a new and improved furnace installation.

Sold on the idea? Great, but now what? With the clock ticking on your Holiday season purchase decision you need to pick a furnace installation that provides for everything addressed above. Fret not, because we have provided you with a list of everything you need to know about choosing a new furnace, including this sizing and price calculator, some insight into the best furnace brand on the market, and this complete buyer’s guide. Of course, you will still have questions which is why we encourage you to give us a call right away at (403) 463-7700. Consider us as Santa’s helpers of furnace installation for the greater Calgary Alberta area.

~ Happy Holidays to All ~