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3 Other Reasons Calgary Residents Need Better AC in the Summer

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3 Other Reasons Calgary Residents Need Better AC In The Summer

It’s warm, sure, but this isn’t the only reason for revisiting your air conditioning system. In fact, when you look at the concerns to come with summertime in the greater Calgary area, cooling may simply be considered icing on the cake. The problem is that few residents understand how threat levels change with the arrival of an otherwise fun season. Today, we’re going to identify these hazards so that you can reassess the current state of your AC installation and take corrective action.

Calgary Air Quality and Other Summer Season Threats to Make Calgary Residents Demand Better AC

Wildfire Season Impact on Air Quality

We cannot stress the implications of this health and wellness stressor enough. If you’ve been following the news of late, then you know that Alberta and Calgary residents have been warned about air quality. It’s wildfire season in the province, and while BC gets most of the federal press on this topic, it is just as impactful in our neck of the woods, and prairies. Forest fires in eastern BC and throughout our very own province have lifted air quality warnings. Given the nature of this beast (smoke), there is no home removed from the threat.

As you know when air quality is poor, you need to stay indoors, but air quality in the home is also impacted as doors/windows are opened and closed, and unseen fractures in walls, trim, and baseboards allow the threat to seep through – even if undetected by the naked eye. While you can do all you can to keep the home shuttered, you will further mitigate the risk of smoke particle infiltration by upgrading the filter efficiency of your ventilating and air conditioning system and changing filters frequently during smoke events to greatly improve indoor air quality.

Pollen Onslaught for the Summer

Made it through spring with nary a sneeze, even if you or someone in your household typically has it rough through April and May? Turns out that you’re not out of the woods yet, not at all. Experts are citing that the mellow allergy season in Alberta is the result of a relatively dry spring, but now that summer is here grass pollen is ramping up and looking to take its toll on seasonal allergy sufferers. Then there’s tree pollen, which has decided to hang around longer than usual and is becoming more intense to show that its early summer bite is worse than its spring bark.

A high pollen count ranging between 81 to 200 grains per square meter have been counted, and these pesky particles will work their way into your home without proper ventilation and air conditioning.

Summer Construction Impact

At the end of May, Calgary city councilor Jeremy Farkas invited residents to speak up about construction woes, and they did. People ain’t happy.

No matter where you turn (but especially 17th Avenue) it seems as if a road is being dug up. And it’s about to get worse (at press) with impending Crowchild Trail upgrades and whatever else the city has planned for construction season (summer). Then there is the wave of residentialcommercial, and industrial new construction to ride along with the municipal mess. All of the subsequent demolition, excavating, building, paving, painting, finishing and everything else that goes into construction adds harmful chemicals, dust, and microscopic debris to the air.

Residents near construction sites and roadwork are in the direct line of fire, but even those further removed have significant cause for concern. This is an unfortunate side effect of city growth and improvement, but it doesn’t have to impact the health of those in your home, when at home. Again – you need to make sure that your AC installation (and the entire HVAC system for that matter) is optimally functioning.

You may not need a new air conditioning system to combat the threats addressed above. However, at the bare minimum, you will need to have an expert inspect your AC system, and make repairs and replacements, if and where needed. Waiting to attend to this matter only further threatens the health and wellness of your home’s cherished occupants. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.