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5 Ways Your New Furnace Installation Is A Savvy Long-Term Investment

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It can be easy to take a furnace for granted—right up until the moment when there is a critical breakdown in the middle of the night. If you live in an area where extremely low winter temperatures, a cold snap can place undue stress on an old furnace. If your furnace fails and your home freezes, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in repair bills. A new furnace installation can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your home has a reliable heating system, but in this article, we will discuss five ways a new furnace is also a savvy long-term investment.

Five Ways A New Furnace Installation Is A Smart Investment

It is always better to anticipate a problem than scramble in an emergency situation. Shopping for a new furnace during seasons with mild temperatures allows you to take your time, compare prices, and purchase the perfect furnace for your home’s heating needs. An emergency repair requires immediate installation and does not allow you the time for bargain hunting. If you schedule your new furnace installation at your convenience, it guarantees you a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

But the benefits of planning your new furnace installation go beyond scheduling and pricing concerns. Putting a new furnace in your home is like putting a new motor in your car. It ensures superior performance and greater reliability. New furnaces are also more ecologically friendly than their predecessors, so not only will you be doing the best thing for your home—you’ll be doing the right thing for our planet, as well.

It Will Enhance Your Home’s Market Value

You never know when a new opportunity might come up. Perhaps you are offered a new job across the country, and you have to relocate in a period of a few months. Chances are you will have no other choice than to seek out a realtor and put your house on the market as it currently stands. One of the first things that prospective buyers are going to examine is the quality of your furnace. If you have an old, unreliable furnace, it could significantly reduce the interest in your property and drive away potential buyers.

A new furnace helps a home’s listing because it indicates the property is in good repair and ready to inhabit. With the obligations of work and family, everyone always has tremendous demands on their time. However, in the course of any given calendar year, there are always a few weeks with lulls in obligations that are perfect for arranging a new furnace installation. It’s best to be prepared for any circumstance, and a new furnace helps ensure you’ll get fair market value if you have to relocate quickly.

Identify Problem Areas in Ducts or Fuel Supply

New furnace installation allows your HVAC technician to take an extended look at the inner workings of your home. Even if you have your furnace regularly maintained and inspected, removing an old furnace and installing a new one offers a clearer look at every component of your home’s heating system. With a new furnace installation, your HVAC technician can identify potential problem areas with your ducts, exhaust system, and fuel supply. Repairs or replacements made at this time will be far more cost-effective than those made during an emergency furnace failure.

It is critical that every component of your furnace works correctly to avoid any dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations. Exhaust leaks into the home or fuel leaks can both have catastrophic consequences. The thorough inspection that comes with a new furnace installation provides an excellent guarantee of continued comfort and safety for your family.

Reduce the Number of Costly Repairs

One of the reasons a new furnace is a good financial investment is also one of the most obvious. A new furnace is not likely to need any repair work done in the near future. One prudent way to evaluate whether you should consider a new furnace is to sit down and calculate how often you’ve needed to call an HVAC technician to fix your furnace in recent years. Sometimes older furnaces require parts that are out of production and can be very costly to replace.

Upgrading to a newer furnace can virtually eliminate repair costs, which can have a tremendous effect on your yearly budget. Modern components are also easier to find and often cheaper if repair work should become necessary a few years down the road.

Get A New Warranty

If you have purchased an older house with a pre-existing furnace, chances are you do not have any guarantee of continued operation. Most new furnaces have extensive guarantees that provide considerable protection for years and even decades. You can often transfer a furnace warranty to a new homeowner in the event of a sale. Take note that transferring a warranty often requires filing the proper paperwork with your HVAC provider and is not necessarily included as part of the sale.

The ability to offer a warranty transfer is a very attractive option on a home listing. The warranty ensures years of service and will help significantly reduce the chance of expensive repair or replacement costs.

Enjoy Greater Energy Efficiency

Modern furnaces are much more efficient than their predecessors and can provide significant savings on your monthly energy bill. If you have an older furnace, a large amount of the money you spend on energy every month literally goes up in smoke without providing any benefit to you. Energy-efficient furnaces provide the same amount of heat with much less fuel, and you’ll notice the savings on your very first bill.

When you’re shopping for a new furnace, it makes sense to add up all your monthly fuel costs for an entire year just to get an idea of your current expenses. It is likely that a new furnace will reduce your yearly energy expenses anywhere from twenty-five to fifty percent. If you currently have an old furnace that is not energy efficient, a new energy-efficient furnace could pay for itself in the first few years after installation.

A New Furnace Is A Sound Investment

Cold weather is one of the unfortunate guarantees of life. If you live in an area with a traditionally harsh winter and you go into the season with an unreliable furnace, you are putting yourself at risk for a potentially catastrophic scenario. A frozen home can lead to frozen pipes, and if your mainline bursts, the damage could render the house uninhabitable. Your home is most likely your single largest asset, and it makes sense to protect your assets with the security of an efficient, reliable furnace.

A new furnace installation helps you save money in several ways. Modern, high-efficiency furnaces provide a significant reduction in monthly energy costs that can add up to considerable savings in a short amount of time. New furnaces are less likely to need repair work, and if repairs should become necessary, you’ll have the protection of a warranty. Finally, a new furnace makes your home a more attractive listing in the event that you need to relocate. If you’d like to explore your options for a new furnace installation, contact Air Force Heating today.