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Expert Advice: 8 Things to Know About Trane Furnace Repair

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Is your house constantly cold despite turning up the heat? Do you find your energy bills keep creeping upward every month? Do you hear a strange rattling sound? If so, these could be indicators that you need Trane furnace repair. The leaders at Air Force Heating in Calgary have expert advice on what you should look out for and what you need to know.

Know the Parts of Your Furnace

When evaluating the potential problems your furnace may be facing, it helps to understand all the elements of the machine. There’s the control system, which is comprised of the thermostat and electrical controls, the heat exchanger, gas valve, burners, the blower, and air duct/ventilation system.

Any gases created by your furnace leave your home through a flue pipe.

Trane Furnace Repair: 8 Things You Need to Know


Know the Signs of a Broken Furnace

There are several signs that things may not be functioning at optimal capacity. Look for these telltale signs that you’ll need furnace repair. Ask yourself:

  • Is There Rattling? This can be an indicator of a problem. In the worst-case scenario, it means your furnace could be releasing toxins into your home, so it’s vital that you contact one of our professionals so this matter can be resolved as soon as possible.
  • Are There Scraping Sounds? Typically, this means there’s an issue with the blower belt. Sometimes it could also indicate a problem with the ball bearings.
  • Is There a Flickering Light? If this occurs, or if the yellow pilot light is on, it could be a sign of something very serious. It could be an indicator that excessive carbon dioxide is leaking into your home. Don’t take the chance! If this is your situation, you need to have Trane furnace repair right away.
  • Is Your Home Too Cool or Cold? Perhaps another major indicator of a furnace problem is that your home is not at a comfortable temperature, despite setting the thermostat.


Regular Maintenance Minimizes the Need for Repairs

Just like a car, your furnace requires regular maintenance. Once a year, you should schedule a check-up for your furnace. By doing so, you can dramatically extend the life of your furnace, lower your utility bills, and minimize the need for repairs.

Sometimes It’s Better to Replace Than Repair

Depending upon the age of your furnace and the extent of repairs, it may be more beneficial to get a newer one than to repair the old one. Newer models are much more energy-efficient than older ones.

One aspect you should consider is the age of your system. Most furnaces last about 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is old and you’ve been noticing that you have a higher power bill, you should consider a newer model that may lower your heating costs instead of repairing an old one.

A Newer Model Can Save You a Lot of Money

Did you know that newer models of furnaces can save you an estimated 20% to 50% in gas utility expenses? It can also save you money on your electric bill because you won’t need to use other electric resources to heat your home.

How to Decide

One rule of thumb when deciding whether or not to replace or repair your furnace is to multiply the age of your equipment by the estimated repair cost. Typically, if it is more than 5,000 or 6,000, you should give careful consideration to replacing your unit.

For example, suppose your system is 10 years old and a repair would cost $700. When you multiply that out, you get 7,000. Therefore, it would probably be in your best interest to consider purchasing a new one.

Be Sure to Check Your Thermostat

Sometimes, heating issues are caused by problems with the thermostat and not the furnace itself. Ask yourself:

  • Do the Batteries Need to Be Replaced? While some thermostats are connected to the electrical system of your home, others are not. Occasionally, when there is trouble, it’s due to the battery in the thermostat, and if your heat isn’t cutting on like you think it should, you should see if the battery needs to be replaced. You generally should change these around once a year anyway.
  • Is Dust or Debris in the Thermostat? Sometimes dust and debris can affect the thermostat, so be sure to gently blow away any that may have clogged it.
  • Is the Timing System Correct? Some programmable thermostats may need to be checked to ensure that the date and time are correct.


Your Safety Switch May Need to Be Replaced

All furnaces have a safety switch. This switch pops out any time the door is removed. As another safety feature, the door must be in the right place in order for the furnace to operate. The safety switch works by preventing the fan and burner from coming on, and the furnace will not work if the safety switch is not in the correct position.

Your Flame Should Always Be Blue and Even

The burners should always be clean, and one way to check furnace health is to examine the flames. If it’s not blue, then you should get your burners cleaned professionally. Remember that the region around the blower is cleaned as well.

The most common failures associated with your burners can come from contamination. You will want to inspect your burners regularly to make sure they are free from dust and dirt.

The Blower Should Be Clear of Debris

If the furnace is not blowing air, then it should be checked to be sure it’s free of dust and debris. When looking into the furnace inspection window, there should be an indicator light. If it’s red, or it is not showing, you should contact your professional Trane furnace repair technicians.

This could indicate a problem either with the thermostat, the blower motor, the furnace control board, or even a transformer. Because there are so many possibilities of what could cause the problem, it’s best to leave this repair to the professionals.

Your Blower Shouldn’t Continuously Run

If your blower doesn’t shut off, first make sure that your thermostat is set correctly. Sometimes when it is set to “continuous fan,” this causes the blower to continue running. You should also try turning the temperature down to see if this makes any difference.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem, then the culprit may be a faulty limit control switch, in which case you will need to call someone to either reset it or replace it.

The Best Way to Avoid Repairs Is to Schedule Maintenance

Don’t wait until winter to give your furnace a full check-up. On those cold nights when the thermometer drops, you’ll be glad you have the peace of mind of knowing that your Trane is functioning properly.

Air Force Heating Is There for You

Air Force Heating of Calgary, AB understands that the winters can be harsh, and it’s vital to have a quality furnace that is operating at maximum efficiency. If your furnace is demonstrating some of the problems listed here, or if you would like to schedule a maintenance visit, contact Air Force Heating of Calgary, AB today.