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Furnace Repair: 3 Reasons Not to Wait Until Winter Hits

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Scheduling a maintenance appointment for your furnace is a critical step to preparing for the winter. It is much more convenient to deal with furnace repair issues when the outside temperatures are mild and there is no snow on the ground. If your furnace fails in the middle of a cold front, there might be a delay before an HVAC technician can come to your house to get your furnace running again. Regular furnace maintenance is the best way to prevent furnace failure and avoid the expensive damages that can happen if a house freezes.

Furnace Repair

If you have lived in your house for several years, you have probably become accustomed to the sound of your furnace. You know what it feels like when the inside temperature drops to the point where the furnace is about to kick on. All homeowners should be mindful of their furnace just as they are mindful of the oil levels in their primary vehicle.

For most people, their house is their most valuable possession. The relatively minor cost of regular maintenance fees for your home’s furnace is a small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing your furnace will provide you with reliable heating throughout the winter.

Winter Causes Delays

Failing to maintain your furnace is a recipe for disaster. If you get caught in a cold spell that lasts for a week or more, your furnace might become overworked. The longer the cold spell, the greater the failure rate for furnaces in all the households in a given area.

If your furnace fails after a week or more of sub-freezing conditions, it’s likely that many other furnaces in the area will have already failed and that repair technicians will be overworked. Extended periods of cold can also exhaust the supply of spare parts needed for furnace repair. If you have to wait for supplies, winter conditions can lead to shipping delays.

More Time for Troubleshooting

Replacing a furnace in the middle of winter is not an ideal situation. If you replace your furnace during mild temperatures, the technicians will not feel rushed or have to work in sub-freezing conditions. Replacing a furnace while the temperature is mild allows the technicians to evaluate the operation of the new installation with no stress or urgency. A mild-weather furnace replacement is a much more efficient installation.

Pick the Furnace You Want

It is always easier to make a good choice when you have plenty of time. If your furnace needs to be replaced in the middle of winter, you will not have the time to research independently the furnaces available for sale in your area. It is always better to make a purchase of any significant appliance during a slow sales season.

Evaluating and shopping for a new furnace during the months of mild temperatures makes it easier to find a great deal and schedule a convenient time for the installation. The best prices on furnaces are always available in the lead-up to winter rather than during winter itself.

Your Furnace Is the Engine of Your Home

Emergency furnace repair is not an ideal way to protect your most valuable piece of property. If your furnace fails and your pipes freeze, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars of repair work. Annual maintenance appointments allow HVAC technicians to discover problem areas in your home’s heating before they become catastrophic failures.

This allows them to make the necessary repairs to prevent furnace failures or conveniently replace your furnace under the best possible circumstances if necessary. If you’d like to schedule a stress-free furnace maintenance appointment before the cold weather hits, contact Air Force Heating today!