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Get 3 Furnace Quotes! What To Expect

Get 3 Furnace Quotes! What To Expect

Be aware that furnace and air conditioner sales associates are primarily commission based, and they don’t get paid unless you purchase.

Mutual Respect

Give the contractor your undivided attention and time. They can only help you if they know your issues, goals, and budget. Expect about sixty minutes for the process.

Contractors offer different opinions, brands, and ways of doing things. You will learn a little from each. You would be wise to avoid any company that can’t send out an experienced estimator.

A salesman without any real industry experience just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Get A Price Guarantee

Experienced estimators who’ve installed before know what to look for and can offer options that are accurate & correct. When the contractor is confident in the estimator’s abilities, you should be able to get a pricing guarantee in writing; once the installation starts, no extra charges!

Site Inspection

A competent contractor will inspect the mechanical room set up, and measure all the windows, exterior walls, and ceilings. Count all the vents, measure airflow, and thermal scan any trouble areas if you currently have hot or cold spots.

Based on the details collected, the contractor should provide you with a proper heat loss and gain calculation report. It proves they care about the entire process, shows competency, and guarantees accurate sizing.

Questions & Answers

Furnaces aren’t an everyday purchase. An expert contractor will explain the industry and clarify city codes, the different brands, models, your application details, and warranties and address any other questions or concerns you may have.

Proposed Options

They should be able to build you detailed and itemized quotes and thoroughly discuss your options based on all the info provided.

A great contractor doesn’t have to resort to pressure tactics to earn your business but should be able to help you through the decision-making process.