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How Air Conditioning Improves Mood?

How Air Conditioning Improves Mood 1

How Air Conditioning Improves Mood?

Tip #1 – A/C makes indoor ice cream last longer!

We touched on this topic briefly when we delivered our article on the top five health benefits of air conditioning and even dropped links to scientific research on how A/C can reduce anxiety. In fact, there are numerous studies regarding how commercial businesses are using air conditioning to enhance the mood of shoppers, which apparently gets them to spend more on whatever it is a given retailer is hocking. We don’t know about the latter, but we do know that the right air temperature and quality can certainly help make people happier, which is why we’re shifting focus to the households of the Greater Calgary area, with insight into how bringing better A/C into your home can elevate the mood of occupants and guests alike.

Four Ways a Premium Air Conditioner Can Help Enhance the Mood and Good Feelings of Those in Your Home

AC Will Remove the Humidity that Causes Bad Moods

NBC reports on recent psychological studies that humidity can put people in a bad mood. It’s not just the general lethargy that ensues during bouts of heat and humidity, as the studies point to the influence of humidity on brain chemicals that regulate one’s mood. If a certain someone in your home gets extra grumpy from the early to dog days of summer it’s time to invest in better A/C.

Disclaimer: Premium A/C may not have the same positive impact on visiting in-laws. It’s best to not let them in during especially hot summer months.

Well Rested People Are More Pleasant People

Harvard Medical reports what you already know (but it doesn’t hurt to hear it from Harvard) – that people who have a bad sleep are more likely to be irritable, short-tempered, and vulnerable to stress. So to avoid all that, you need to make sure everyone in your home (visiting guests included) gets a good night’s sleep. While there are many variables that can impact this worthy ambition, one has a very direct impact – temperature. The Sleep Foundation along with many other experts state that suggested bedroom temperature should be between 15.5°C (60°F) and 20°C (68°F) for optimal sleep, and 18°C (65°F) to 22°C (70°F) for kids. While we have a feeling most of you will choose the latter end of those thermometer readings, there’s no denying that the best way to maintain a consistent sleeping temperature (and thus a consistently happy mood) in the home in the summer is through a premium A/C system.

Stop Sneezing to Stop Crankiness 

CNN (#realnews) reports that doctors agree that there is a real connection between allergies and mood. Even more troubling, is that research finds a 50 percent increase in the risk for depression for people who suffer from seasonal allergies. It’s one thing to suffer this when outdoors in the spring and summer, but when it’s brought into the home, your supposed place of solace, it makes matters worse. Sure, OTC medication can help reduce the symptoms of allergies, but given that many of them make people drowsy, the mood is impacted in a whole other way. When you bring in A/C that can effectively remove allergy-causing contaminants from the air, you help allergy sufferers cope and help elevate their mood, and subsequently that of the whole household.

The Heat > Exercise > Mood Connection

The above items drew direct correlations between air temperature/quality and mood. This one does so in a more roundabout but no less impactful way. For starters, INC reports that science states a direct link between heat and humidity and laziness. When feeling lazy, you are significantly more likely to procrastinate on hitting the gym or partaking in a wide variety of fitness-based activities. And this is where the next connection comes in. Numerous studies prove a connection between physical activity/fitness and mood. And this is not whimsical reasoning folks, as exercise increases serotonin, an essential compound which helps your brain regulate mood, sleep, and appetite (the latter two which also impact mood). So as you can see, by mitigating the heat and humidity in the home during the late spring and summer, household occupants are more likely to be active, and in turn, will experience elevated moods because of it.

It’s time to make your household an even happier one, through a better air conditioning installation. And we’ve got something to make you smile even wider, as by acting now you may still qualify for our early bird season A/C w/furnace combinations that can save you up to $1500! Contact us today to learn more.