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Happy Mother’s Day! Why an Air Conditioner is a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Happy Mother’s Day! Why An Air Conditioner Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Mother’s Day is upon us (at press) and while many moms will be getting wilted flowers, handmade cards, and overcooked breakfasts in bed, we have another idea that the mom in your home will appreciate quite possibly more than any other gift – a new air conditioner.

Say what?

That’s right. Your head of household (she is, indeed) will greatly benefit from an updated air conditioning system, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Here’s why:

4 Reasons Why Moms Will Appreciate a New Air Conditioning Installation

Better AC Makes The House Happier

What mom doesn’t want a happier home? And while they’re the primary reason it’s a happy one in the first place, why not give them a helping hand on the HVAC end of things? It’s true, premium air conditioning makes people happier in general. There is some actual science behind this statement.

For one, AC reduces humidity, and studies have shown that humidity levels are directly linked to bad moods. In addition, cooler temperatures are positively correlated with improved sleeping patterns which has a direct impact on mood. Optimally functioning air conditioning also reduces seasonal allergy symptoms, and it also mitigates the risk of low energy levels both of which can make occupants feel downright cranky. View more (complete with links to research data) on how better air conditioning can make a household happier, together.

Better AC Makes the Family Healthier

“Mom” is typically the one to dole out the medicine, apply the bandaids, kiss the boo-boos, wipe away the sniffles, and warm up the chicken soup for all that ails anyone in the home. Whether working 9-5+ or not she carries the weight of a healthy household on her shoulders. It’s time to ease some of that burden with better air quality in the home.

There are five proven health benefits of a premium air conditioning installation. It can ease the symptoms of those suffering from respiratory problems (including mild to severe asthma). It can help allergy (seasonal and pet) sufferers. It can help reduce the risk of heat stress and heat stroke during long hot summers, and can even help combat seasonal anxiety. And again, it absolutely provides for better sleeping conditions for every room in the house. View more on how premium air conditioning makes a home and family healthier.

One Less Thing to Add to The “Fix-It” List

Whether it’s the mom or dad in charge or the “fix it” list in the house, or some combination, it’s one more thing that weighs heavy on the mind and ever-growing agenda of responsibilities. And when you count a malfunctioning air conditioning unit on that list, it can cause some sleepless nights for the matriarch. Check one big item off that lineup of to-dos and she’ll smile wide with an appreciation that you appreciate what she does for the home every day of the year.

Makes for Better Home Entertaining

Many mom’s love to entertain. They are often the ones inviting people from work, family from out of town, and next-door neighbors into the home to dine, enjoy cocktails, play games, marathon Netflix shows, and more. This is especially true in the summertime as the days are delightfully longer and the kids are on summer vacation. The condition of the home is a major point of pride, and while everyone can chip in (under her direction, of course) to make the property spotless, you can’t exactly quickly control air quality and temperature as easily. But alas, optimization of the latter two are absolutely essential to the optimal guest experience. If your mom is planning to host a summer full of household affairs she will definitely love an improved AC installation.

When she’s stepped out for the day (remember, it’s a surprise) bring in an air conditioning repair and maintenance professional to inspect the system. Cleaning, repair, and parts replacement may be all that you need. If not, you’ll be happy to know that Mother’s Day couldn’t have landed at a better time. By acting now, you may still qualify for our early bird season A/C w/furnace combinations that can save you up to $1500! Contact us today to learn more.